Queensland Ballet Annual Giving Day

‘Step Into the Future’ Annual Giving Day

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet held its annual Giving Day on Thursday 25 August, asking supporters to step into the future and raise vital funds to support its vision to enrich the lives of as many people as possible through the magic of ballet.  

From 8 am – 8 pm on Thursday 25 August, every donation will be quadrupled thanks to generous match donors.  $10 becomes $40, $100 becomes $400 and $10,000 becomes $40,000. 

Artistic Director Li Cunxin urges supporters to help Queensland Ballet, a not-for-profit, continue to deliver unique experiences to the community.

“Queensland Ballet delivers an experience like no other, transporting people away and into a place where they are enchanted, enthralled, and inspired.  

“The support we receive from Giving Day will help Queensland Ballet continue to deliver bold and ambitious dreams, produce world-class productions, provide training pathways for the young dancers of today through our Academy, and offer experiences to the wider community which includes our community classes and regional workshops,” said Mr Li.  

Executive Director Dilshani Weerasinghe explained that Queensland Ballet would not be possible without supporters, donors, corporate partners, and Governments – State, Federal, and Local.

“For the last 62 years, we have survived because of the level of support and generosity from Federal, State and Local Governments, but especially from our private donors and corporate partnerships.  

“Funding from supporters makes up almost 50% of our annual funding, so community support really makes a difference to our company. For us, that continued support is vitally important not just to survive but to deliver excellence on stage and in our community,” said Mrs Weerasinghe.  

Li Cunxin AO said supporters who donate on Giving Day will quadruple their donation and leave a legacy for generations to come.  

“At Queensland Ballet, we love the dynamic nature of Giving Day.  Watching your donations quadruple in real-time is inspiring, it’s fun and it’s incredible! We have been working with our match donors to ensure it is as impactful as possible. 

“We want to make sure that the magic we create today, we can deliver that same magic tomorrow. To benefit not only the generation today but the generation of your children and grandchildren,” Mr Li concluded.  

To donate this Giving Day, visit www.qbgivingday.com or call 1800 BALLET or 1800 225538. From 8 am – 8 pm on Thursday 25th August all donations will be quadrupled until the match funding runs out.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.  

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