Premiere Night Sparkles as ‘Dance Life’ Makes Its Grand Debut at Hoyts Cinemas


Full cast of Dance Life

Dance Life Series

Amazon Prime Video’s New Docu-Series

By Chris Duncan

Cassie Bartho

Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park was abuzz with excitement and glamour on Monday, 15th January, as Hoyts Cinemas rolled out the red carpet for the highly anticipated premiere of Amazon Prime Video’s new docu-series, “Dance Life.” The event was a dazzling affair, attended by a who’s who of the Sydney dance scene, along with the series’ creative powerhouses, Producers Luke Cornish and Jade Barnes.

The electric energy was palpable as VIP guests, the series’ cast, and crew made their grand entrance. The dress code for the evening was ‘cocktail,’ adding a touch of elegance to the vibrant atmosphere. However, always one to make a statement, the quirky and renowned choreographer Stephen Tannos, who features in the series, turned heads with his heavily patchworked denim ensemble.

Cassie Bartho, the star choreographer of “Dance Life,” shone brightly among the array of talented dancers and her sensational outfit shouted ‘watch-me’. Her presence highlighted the show’s dedication to showcasing the finest in choreography and dance talent.

Lucas Newland, owner and director of Brent Street Studios, was a bundle of nervous excitement as he warmly welcomed guests. His hopes for the series were clear – to elevate the dance industry in the eyes of the general public and to showcase the artistry and dedication of dancers.

Luke Cornish and Jade Barnes

The evening was expertly hosted by one of the Executive Directors, David Alrich, and featured the screening of the riveting first episode of the five-part series. This was followed by an insightful Q&A session with the cast, producers, Bartho, and Newland. The discussion was a deep dive into the personal journeys of the dancers and the collective desire to see dance appreciated more widely.

Since its release on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, 19th January, “Dance Life” has soared in popularity, reaching an unprecedented NUMBER 3 on the Amazon Prime WORLDWIDE charts – a first for an Australian show. Producer Jade Barnes shared the overwhelming positive feedback, noting that studio owners and teachers have been deeply affected by the series.

Among the cast, Jade Barnes commented that featured dancer Emily has been inundated with messages from teenagers, inspired and helped by her story. This reflects the profound impact “Dance Life” is having on dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide.

Having had the privilege of interviewing several cast members last week, I can attest to the depth and diversity of their experiences. These insights will be shared in upcoming articles, offering a closer look at the vibrant world of “Dance Life.” So, stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes stories from this groundbreaking series!


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