A little hot and flustered is how I was feeling when I walked into Sydney Theatre last night to see Rafael Bonachela’s ‘We Unfold’. As I looked around I noticed quite a mix of people, from commercial dancers to families to the arty type. This show has been pretty heavily marketed with their usual bus stop posters and cafe postcards so it was great to see a packed house.
The theatre went pitch black and I mean black. I couldn’t even see the people sitting next to me, complete darkness. The performance started with all of the dancers standing towards the back of the stage in what could only be described as beige underwear with the two lead female dancers having some crystals on their costumes. The massive screen behind the dancers was very effective although simple and the music started to build. The opening was strong although the two lead female dancers when dancing together in the first piece were out of unison. Other than that the first piece was powerful and amazing to watch.
I was completely amazed by the formations made in this performance. Rafael is a true stage master when it comes to working with the space on the stage. I truly admired how hard he must work on plotting out each show. The partner work was equally as engaging and I enjoyed watching the outstanding cast work so well together in many combination.
I don’t know what dancer could performance in a Bonachela’s piece for one hour without hardly breaking a sweat but these dancers did. The athleticism of the cast was phenomenal. Definitely made me stop eating chocolate during the show.
The show finishes on Saturday so get your tickets now. http://www.sydneytheatre.org.au/event.asp?pID=175