National Institute of Circus Arts present FAMOUS


June 14 – 22, 2024 

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) is thrilled to present the third-year student ensemble show, titled FAMOUS, directed by artist Carita Farrer Spencer, showing 14 – 22 June at NICA National Circus Centre in Prahran.

In this circus-theatre show for the century, a posse of egomaniacs discover that the road to hell is paved with red carpet and a god complex that can only get them so far.

Trapped in a never-ending cycle of posing, smiling, and waving to adoring fans, for whom, the novelty never seems to cease – will these celebrities escape their prison, or risk it all and ascend until they’re immortalised amongst the stars?

The performers tumble, twirl, and fly in the shoes of the rich and famous as they perform acts of swinging trapeze, Chinese pole, acrobatics and more. An Oscar-worthy performance of opulence and grandeur, FAMOUS is toxic, delusional, batty, and brilliant.

The young NICA divas thrive under the direction of prolific multidisciplinary artist, Carita Farrer Spencer (Pescado, NICA 2015), whose professional career spans three decades full of enviable collaborations. Carita said: “I love being in a position to help deepen and expand the students’ artistry, challenging them to be creative, playful, brave and the best version of themselves. It is enormously satisfying to create a show that inspires, supports, and guides them in their next chapter as emerging professional artists.”

The students will be draped in lavish costumes designed by Savannah Wegman (Biographica, Lyric Opera Theatre Works) with the assistance of Melbourne Polytechnic fashion design students. The wardrobe exudes luxury with its cleverly crafted textiles and considered embellishments. The fabulously, striking stage is constructed by NICA alumni and established set designer, Tim Rutty (GRIM, 2023).

A feverish mixtape by musical maestro Darius Kedros (THIS, Rising Festival 2023) adds the appropriate amount of oomph to this celebrity soap opera. Finally, shedding light on scenes of chaos is Spencer Herd (Frame Narrative, Old Fitz Theatre 2024), a live performance lighting designer with an eye for detail so sharp it makes 20/20 vision look like an ocular impairment.


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