Movement, Movement


Movement, Movement

Campbelltown Arts Centre

October 18 & November 8, 2021

Our friends at Campbelltown Arts Centre are inviting all choreographers and dancers to ‘Movement, Movement’ – an online discussion for the sector about what dance wants on 18 October & 8 November 2021. 

‘Movement, Movement’ is a platform for artists to express what they want from the dance sector. Thinking about relationships between artists, organisations and the broader public, the event aims to bring independent practitioners with a choreographic practice together, in order to improve and grow dance connections in NSW.  

On Monday 18 October 9.30am – 12.15pm, artists Angela GohRhiannon Newton, Carl SciberrasJasmin Sheppard and Vicki Van Hout will share, provoke and facilitate conversations between  everyone  in an inclusive environment.    

Following up on Monday 8 November 11.00am – 12.00pm with a one hour long wrap up and reflection session led by Vicki Van Hout.   

Registrations are now open and close on 27 September.

Visit this link to register 


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