MIGRATION | Female Dancers Wanted Now!


Immediate need for 3 more Melbourne based Female dancers!

Are you a strong, powerful, creative, diverse, intelligent, talented, living freely your life, making your own choices and decisions, full of self-worth and dignity, dancing woman?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions we would like to invite you to join our new creation MIGRATION II

We are looking for three more professional female dancers to start with us as soon as possible (most likely first week of August). The work consists of set choreography as well as some improvisation and acting tasks. 

Rehearsals will take place in the daytime, during the week. Final performance is planned for the second half of September 2017. 

Audition by video only. Please, send the clear video of you performing or improvising and your CV to: migracje.projekt@gmail.com

The project is a part of a three month residency program Unity Space AiR in Melbourne inspired by femininity and nature, being a positive manifestation of femininity in a dignified and unique way.

As the mission and vision of Unity Space – Artists in Residency Melbourne – is to nurture and support local and international artists to find a new voice of expression, the project is based on a creative exchange. Although, it’s unpaid, we can offer you a certificate of attendance.


Glimpse on our work:

For more information and updates, please check our website:  https://migracjeprojekt.wixsite.com/migration/newshttps://migracjeprojekt.wixsite.com/migration/news