If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours you may not know that Kylie Minogue is in the country and last night performed two songs (All The Lovers & Get Outta My Way) on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. For the first time in a long while Kylie used Aussie dancers for her performance which was great to see. Matt Lee who is currently starring in Mary Poppins was given the job to find the dancers for Miss Minogue. As you can see from the pic above there are a few familiar (SYTYCD) faces in here. This gig is the perfect example of how important it is too get in front of choreographers and casting agents who are booking dancers without holding auditions. It’s very common for people who are sourcing dancers for gigs to simply call people that they know can do the job well, look great and are reliable.
Although Aussie dancers were used, one of Kylie’s choreographic team members came out with her Nicki, who taught the choreography that has been the same throughout all of Kylie’s promotional tour. Famous for having her dancers in hardly any clothing Kylie did not disappoint. While there was hot a huge amount of choreography in any of the two routines and quite a bit of repetition it was a great opportunity for some talented Aussie to work with the Aussie Pop Icon. Check out the video from Kylie’s performances of All the Lovers below.

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