KNOWING WHEN TO BREAK THE RULESWhether auditioning for Mary Poppins the Musical, Fame the Musical or any of the other abundant Australian productions this week, one thing is certain, few other industries ask as much of their job applicants as the entertainment industry demands of performers. High hopes end in disappointment for most auditionees in just minutes. “Thank you. That’s all we need for today.” is the dreaded kiss off performing artists hate hearing.
Recently, with the release of films like Every Little Step which documents the plights of audition hopefuls through the casting process of Broadway’s revival A Chorus Line production, triple threat performers are winning the respect of people on a global scale.
Tonight Channel TEN’s The 7pm Project reported on this week’s Mary Poppins Auditions. “57 auditioned today. 5 got call backs”. When asked “Can you tell when someone walks in the door if someone has it?”, associate choreographer Geoff Garrat shared that he has an instinct, and that there’s a part of him that gets a feeling about it. This gut feeling is exactly what can make or break an audition for the under prepared artist. I talk about how to overcome this in the Audition Guru workshops. It’s important to pitch yourself inside the range of what the audition panel are looking for. What you wear has a massive impact on that. One of the key strategies we discuss at the Audition Guru workshops is, how to create an image that has you looking like you suite the show, without looking like you’re desperately trying to look like you could step onstage to perform the show.
Unfortunately there’s exceptions to many audition rules, and it’s important to know which rules can be broken, and which must never be broken.
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Tia Jordan