Jack & Mia

Jack & MiaWe know he can dance but Jack Chambers, the winner of the first series of So You Think You Can Dance, was pulling out all stops when he had a six-hour private dance lesson with renowned American choreographer Mia Michaels in Los Angeles.
“I can’t even explain how excited I am,” Chambers said. “It’s all so new and she approaches choreography in a very different way. I want to get into Mia’s mind.”
Michaels had been ill with a bad flu and so the lesson had to be postponed for a few days.
“I was worried that she was sick because I want her to be on her game,” Chambers said. “And it means I’ll now have less time to rehearse. But I shouldn’t have worried, she’s amazing and I’m picking it up quickly.”
Michaels said: “Hey, we’re in the business of showbusiness. So when we start it’s ‘pumps on and hit it!”‘
Brisbane-based Chambers, 19, will perform the Michaels piece in front of US dance talent scouts at the Carnival Choreographer’s Ball in LA this week.