Green Room Awards Seek New Vice-President


The Green Room Awards

Seeking Nominations for the Vice-Presidential Role to Commence in 2024

The Green Room Awards Association announced that Vice-President, Dean Drieberg, has stepped down from the position.

President of the Association, Anton Berezin, says “Dean has been the cornerstone of the Green Room Awards Association Executive and will be sorely missed! Unfortunately, for us, his international touring commitments with Hamilton the Musical will keep him out of Australia for the foreseeable future”.

The Association is now seeking nominations for the Vice-Presidential role to commence in 2024.

“The role is a part-time, volunteer position. We are seeking a theatre practitioner with strong leadership, management, negotiation, and public-speaking skills. This is a dynamic organisation, and the Executive are a diverse and talented bunch. I’ve had an absolute ball in my first eight months with the Association. I invite anyone who may be interested to contact me for a chat”, said Berezin.

Interested candidates are encouraged to download the Position Description here and Nomination Form here and can contact the Association President, Anton Berezin, on

Recognise, Celebrate and Promote

The Green Room Awards are Melbourne’s premier, peer-presented, performing arts industry awards.

Each year, the awards recognise outstanding achievements in Cabaret, Contemporary & Experimental Performance, Dance, Independent Theatre, Music Theatre, Opera and Theatre Companies.

The awards acknowledge the contributions of the many, diverse artists and technicians who work on stage, backstage, in the grid and in the pit. An entirely voluntary organisation, members give their time to recognise, celebrate and promote the work of industry peers and contribute to a stronger, more vibrant, inclusive, innovative and prosperous industry for theatre makers and our audience

Established in 1982, this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the inaugural Green Room Awards in Melbourne. In addition to a revised format for the Awards Ceremony, and a new Audience and Stakeholder engagement plan, The Green Room Awards Association have planned a series of events for announcement later this year.

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