Girls On Tap

Femme Fatales of Tap Are Back!

February 14-16 | Glen St Theatre

Following their sold-out, standing ovation debut at Cabaret in the Glen in 2017, Sally Dashwood (So You Think You Can Dance) is leading the gang back to Glen Street Theatre to perform from 14 – 16 February with her Girls On Tap show.

The award-winning femme fatales of tap, rhythm and song sure have something to say about women in the world today. From Broadway to Beyoncé, they pay homage to the past while keeping it fresh. The expert choreography of creator Sally Dashwood crashes through stereotypes, challenges expectations and stamps out inequality with exceptional rhythm.

“I’m very excited to return to the Glen Street stage with Girls On Tap; a show that celebrates my love of tap dancing and equality,” says Sally. “As a young dancer I was inspired by Tap Dogs and Hot Shoe Shuffle. They put Australian tap dance on the map and shaped our tap dance identity into one that was industrial, ‘blokey’ and uniquely Aussie. I recognised the need for a female platform, something for young Aussie tap dancing ladies to look forward to. Girls On Tap is my answer to that: still masculine and uniquely Australian but with a fierce, feminine touch and plenty of sass!”

The week we premiered at Cabaret in the Glen at Glen Street Theatre coincided with the launch of the #metoo movement. Disappointingly, the theme is still just as relevant as it was then, and we still have so far to go.”

“When you see our show, you see us take a look at life for a female and where we stand in the world. Objectified by the media, backstabbed by our female counterparts, stereotyped, misunderstood, not even paid as much as the guys for doing the same job. It’s not looking too crash-hot, so we’re putting our foot down – literally – and saying ‘enough!’”

“We explore female life – youth, legacy passed down through the generations of women who came before us, competitiveness, objectification, empowerment, ownership. We are making a statement, but we’re having a lot of fun doing it.”

This high energy production proves that you cannot underestimate the collective power of song, dance and womanhood. “What’s the outcome of all this noise we’re making? Well, our own hopeful prediction that the future is female. Who run the world? Girls, of course!”



Glen Street Theatre, Corner of Glen Street and Blackbutts Road, Belrose
14 – 16 February 2019
Thurs 8pm (Opening Night, ticket includes post-show drinks and canapes) Fri 8pm, Sat 2pm and 8pm
Price: Adults $55, Conc $51, 35 & under $35 & Children (16 & under) $32
Patrons Advice: Mild language
Bookings: or 9975 1455