From The Vault

Screenshot from Alison Plevey’s 2019 work ‘From the Vault’.

AusDance Uploads a Dance Retrospective

Recognising 20 Years of Independent Australian Dance

Ausdance National has launched a new virtual platform, From the Vault – a retrospective of Australian dance, on YouTube.

It features two decades of the choreographic work of independent artists, small and large companies, youth dance companies, and the culturally diverse work of First Nations artists.

It demonstrates the richness of Australian dance, much of which is now being lost through severely diminished funding over this period and is a reminder to governments of the danger of losing the best of Australia’s dance without further investment.

The retrospective series begins with some of those who have been awarded an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance since 2003. In the coming weeks, AusDance will also profile choreographers from other dance sectors, including First Nations dance, youth dance practice, small companies and projects, dance and disability, and community dance. It will also include some of the Australian pieces commissioned by the larger companies in recent years.

New videos will be added each Monday.

Screenshot from Martin del Amo’s ‘Champions’.

Currently, there are 12 dance films to view, with more on the way. They include:

  • Intimacy (2015) Torque Show & Michelle Ryan
  • Black Project 1 (2012) Antony Hamilton
  • On View Live Portraits (2016) Sue Healey
  • From the Vault (2019) Alison Plevey
  • Nuns’ Night Out (2004) & Nuns’ Picnic (2005) Julie-Anne Long
  • The Voyeur (2009) Clare Dyson
  • The Stance (2017) Liesel Zink
  • Gudirr Gudirr (2013) Dalisa Pigrim

There are also 8 videos featuring dance by youth dance companies and programs:

  • Project Next (2019) Co3 Youth Ensemble
  • Neon (2019) Drill Performance Company
  • Struck (2008) Tracks Dance
  • Nowhere (2019) Stompin Youth Dance Company
  • Look The Other Way (2013) Buzz Dance Theatre
  • Two Zero (2018) QL2 Dance
  • Connect (2018) Austinmer Dance Theatre
  • The Yard (2011) Shaun Parker & Company

Ausdance National and the Ausdance Network supports Australian dance artists and we work with them to represent their interests to decision-makers at all levels.

Subscribe to the Ausdance YouTube channel and watch the From The Vault Retrospective here:

Screenshot from ‘Nowhere’ by Stompin Youth Dance Company
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