Force Majeure Premieres ‘IDK’ at Carriageworks & Arts House

Photo by Ashley de Prazer

IDK by Force Majeure

A Movement and Narrative Performance Exploring Consent

Australian movement-based theatre company Force Majeure is pleased to present idk, a mesmerising blend of movement and narrative performance, which examines the nuances of navigating consent and the shifting nature of boundaries.

Opening in Sydney 23 to 26 August 2023 and then touring to Melbourne from 30 August to 2 September, the production is directed by Artistic Director of Force Majeure, Danielle Micich, who is also an intimacy co-ordinator for stage and screen.

“This work is relevant to all of us. It applies to all sorts of things you may, or may not have, consented to throughout your lifetime. Things that happen to you, or things you encounter, that generate an impulse of response in the body. If we put our impulses under a microscope, we would find that we are navigating miniature intimate scenes all the time, some of which we never share with anyone,” said Danielle Micich.

“In creating idk, I encourage audiences to connect to their own bodies to explore their impulses and responses, and to think about their relationship to thought, action and connection. Where are your boundaries, and what does it feel like in your body when you approach them?”

As we recall the firsts that shape us, unpick experiences that get under our skin, and encounter delicate conversations between our bodies, idk encourages exploration of the unsure and unspoken in human interaction.

Provocative and playful, the talented ensemble of three includes Gabriel Comerford (Tasdance’s Collision), Adriane Daff (The Last Great Hunt’s Lé Nør [The Rain]) and Merlynn Tong (Sydney Theatre Company’s The Poison of Polygamy).

Idk invites audiences to discover the edges of their own boundaries and provokes a new way to continue the conversation about the multiple dimensions of consent.

To coincide with the world premiere of idk, Carriageworks will present Consent as part of their Carriageworks Nights program on 24 August, where BDSM practitioners, artists and musicians will come together to explore the multiple dimensions of consent.

The line-up includes performances by Sidney McMahon, Mistress Tokyo, Demon Derriere, Luke George and WeiZen Ho, with live music by Sydney-based hip hop and R&B artist BVT and electronic music group Haiku Hands.

During the night, Force Majeure will present a free panel discussion titled Consent in Conversation, inspired by Danielle Micich’s work as an Intimacy Director for stage and screen and featuring other artists, including actor Heather Mitchell AM, reflecting on consent in the entertainment industry.

Carriageworks CEO Fergus Linehan said, “Carriageworks is proud to support the brand-new work of one of Australia’s most innovative performance companies, and we can’t wait for audiences to experience and engage with Force Majeure’s considered exploration of the many layers of consent, which is extended by the incredible line-up for the accompanying Carriageworks Nights event.”

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