Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds the Three Distinct Acts of Jewels

The Three Acts of Jewels

The Australian Ballet

A mesmerising spectacle that is both soft and sharp, racy and refined, Jewels is a lavish work capturing the company’s celebratory spirit in its milestone 60th anniversary year.

George Balanchine‘s three-act masterpiece Jewels was inspired by the glittering shop windows of New York City’s Fifth Avenue and reflects the influence of the three major ballet schools: French, American and Russian, showcasing the charm, grandeur and beauty of ballet.

The world’s first ever full-length abstract ballet, Jewels reveals three unique periods in the history of dance and of George Balanchine’s life and career. Through the motif of the gemstone, Jewels is a journey through the romanticism of France, New York City’s jazz age and the majesty of Imperial Russia.

The individual sections of Jewels are underscored by strikingly distinct music composed by Gabriel Fauré, Igor Stravinsky and Piotr Tchaikovsky together with George Balanchine’s unique style.

Don’t miss your chance to see The Australian Ballet perform Jewels for the very first time.

4 — 20 May Sydney Opera House Book Now

A French romantic ballet that conjures visions of elegance, comfort and grace. Set to the haunting melodies of Gabriel Fauré, Emeralds is a tribute to the romantic ballet traditions of nineteenth century France.

A New York jazz-age inspired work that epitomizes the collaboration of composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer George Balanchine. Set to Stravinsky’s Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra, Rubies is a sharp neo-classical piece featuring dynamic choreography and an atmosphere of old Hollywood glamour.

A lavish ballet that pays homage to the grandeur and magnificence of Imperial Russia. Accompanied by Piotr Tchaikovsky’s music, Diamonds recalls the era and style in which Balanchine himself was trained. Both grandiose and masterful, Diamonds is an extravagant finale to Balanchine’s great opus.

Jewels has been entirely funded by the generous donors of The David Hallberg Fund.

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