DirtyFeet's Choreographic Lab 2017

DirtyFeet’s 2017 Choreographic Labs

Closes 17 July

DirtyFeet is now seeking expressions of interest for the August Choreographic Lab with Ashlee Barton and the September Choreographic Lab with Emma Harrison.

Applications due by 5pm Monday 17 July. More info: http://www.dirtyfeet.com.au/choreographic-lab

The Choreographic Lab provides a safe environment where early career professionals can come together to explore their creative practice. The Lab builds relationships between artists, facilitates the development of methodology and skills, and can be the first steps towards the creation of new work.
“Thank you for a wonderful year of exploration with DirtyFeet last year! Reflecting back it was such an awesome experience. It has given me that extra confidence to create myself and to meet such amazing and talented people with interesting ideas, was very inspiring.” —  Natalie Pelarek, DirtyFeeter
“I had an amazing week and I learnt so much about my own practice. I really appreciated the relaxed, open, respectful environment and felt comfortable attempting everything that was asked of us.” —  Kirsty Fromholtz, DirtyFeeter
Previous Choreographic Lab recipients have included:
Ashley Barton, Sofie Burgoyne, Ian Colless, Matt Cornell, Sarah Fiddaman, Alysha Firbank, Emi Forster, Cloé Fournier, Kirsty Fromholtz, Leeke Griffin, Emma Harrison, Brianna Kell, Thomas E.S. Kelly, ‘Lucky’ Lartey, Chanel Leaudais, Laura Levitus, Rob McCredie, Jodie McNeilly, MakeShift Collective, Venettia Miller, Rhiannon Newton, Kathryn Puie, Carl Sciberras, Chimene Steele-Prior, Jeni Sutton, Tamarah Tossey, Tanya Voges, Ivey Wawn, Rosslyn Wythes and Miranda Wheen.
For more information regarding The Choreographic Lab visit our Facebook Page or contact Program Manager Angela Goh.
The Choreographic Lab is proudly supported by Shopfront Arts Co-Op and ReadyMade Works.
This year’s Labs are with Ashlee Barton & Emma Harrison:

14-25 August 2017
10am – 5pm Mon – Fri (*Tues 12 – 5pm)
5 dancers
Mentor: Rhiannon Newton
ReadyMade Rehearsal Space, Ultimo
“Using an improvisation practice as its foundation, this lab will explore the body as a site or place to call home. The dancing will manifest as a kind of dancing which belongs to the individual, but also that which transpires through the group. This will arise through a dual focus on the dancers being both movers and watchers throughout the work, shifting their attention between their own bodies, and the bodies around them.”
18-29 September 2017
10am – 5pm Mon, Thurs, Fri; Tues 12 – 7pm; Wed 10am – 3pm
8 – 10 dancers
Mentor: Brianna Kell
“Through choreographic research and improvisation, we will deconstruct the millennial’s narcissistic desire to make an impact; on the world, on each other, on ourselves. The lab will develop a conversation between dance, theatre and moving image that attempts to create and dismantle the uncomfortable meandering on the perpetual search for fulfilment in our bodies and in the space.”

To register your interest please email Angela Goh by 5pm Monday 17 July, outlining which Lab you are interested in, a short biography, your contact details, and your availability (you do not need to have full availability to be considered to participate).
Successful applicants will be required to become DirtyFeeters.