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Contact Information
Name: Kinetica Physiotherapy

The experts in Dance Physiotherapy. Offices in Balgowlah & St Leonards, Sydney.

Kinetica Physiotherapy provides empathetic client care to help rehabilitate, promote and maintain peak physical performance. Our experience and commitment ensures we deliver the highest quality of physiotherapy services in a safe and supportive environment.

Dance expertise: Our physiotherapists are recognised experts in dance physiotherapy.

Experts in complex cases: Our Titled Physiotherapists are recognised experts in the management of complex cases. We value working closely with your healthcare team to ensure and maximise the best outcomes for you.

Long appointment times: Our long appointment times allow us to provide quality one-on-one care that focuses not only on your condition, but ensures that the underlying causes of your injury are identified.

Friendly & relaxed: Our friendly, relaxed environment allows the space and time clients need to ensure exceptional quality management.

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