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Contact Information
Name: Interchange dance Projcet
First Name: Francesca
Last Name: Gozdek
Phone: 0410 577 184

Interchange Dance Project is a unique and innovative youth dance program that enriches the cultural formation of the new generation.

We believe that creativity is the most important tool for young dancers when looking to break into the industry. Interchange Dance Project is dedicated in developing the dancers unique artestry while providing them a space to carve their own creative path. The dancers will learn skills to innovate through the art of improvisation, generating movement techniques and choreography. This will help them develop a greater understanding of what contemporary dance companies are looking for when employing dancers.

The dancers will be trained with care, dedication and be provided with extensive industry knowledge and connections that you don't often get from a dance school. Regular training with artistic director Francesca Gozek will ensure the dancers are on track with learning advanced contemporary dance technique and skills. Regular industry professional guest teachers and choreographers will work with the youth company which will broaden the dancers movement language as well as provide them with vital connections. 

Each month the company will make a short dance film giving the dancers a professional experience as well as an abundance of footage to help them kick start their careers. During the program the company will work towards a larger, full scale live performance that will premiere at the conclusion of the program in June. 

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