Dancers Australia Launches the Pay The Dancers Campaign

Pay The Dancers Campaign

Dancers Australia

The Dancers Australia Pay The Dancers campaign officially launches last Monday, 23rd of January.

This initiates MEAA’s plan to ensure professional dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers receive the fair pay, safe workplaces, and respect that they deserve.

The new Dancers Australia website – – is launched to the public, including:

  • the Dancers Australia Industry Code of Practice
    MEAA’s industry-wide policy on minimum rates and conditions for professional dancers and choreographers;
  • the National Dance Industry Report
    The results, analyses, and recommendations from MEAA’s first National Professional Dance Survey into Wages and Workplace Conditions held across 2022;
  • the Pay The Dancers Campaign Brochure
    Outlining MEAA’s plan for change and our vision for the rights of dance professionals in Australia;
  • the Dancers Australia Info Guide
    An overview of Dancers Australia, including simple rates tables, the MEAA Dancers Australia membership package, and an introduction to our Committee; and,
  • the Dancers Australia MEAA Membership Package
    A membership offer created especially for dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers of $7.51 per week, including free public liability, product liability, and journey accident insurance.

This campaign puts the industry on notice. Professional dancers and choreographers must be paid minimum rates for their work, and minimum workplace standards must be adhered to.

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