DanceLife had the opportunity to interview exclusively some of the cast of the upcoming live show Dance Dance Dance! Above you will see our interview with Aric and Masha.
The show is a night of strictly dancing with the stars who Australia has seen on many of the hit dance shows on television and mainstream media.Where as in the past the majority of time it always was the dancers backing up the singer, band or recording artist, this time round Dance Dance Dance! does the reversal and brings the actual dancers who are the stars of the show to the front line becoming the limelight and absolute highlight of the show. Some of the hottest celebrity dancers from down under will embark on their first ever national tour in 2009 but before doing so, they have decided to give something back to the people and the fans who have been supporting them from day one by announcing a series of up-close and personal club-run show dates for NSW. Go to the website for all the touring dates