Dance Battles in Darling Harbour

Beat Breakdown

Palm Grove Forecourt

Want to feel like you’re in an IRL ‘Step Up’ sitch?

Taking place each month, from 4:30PM to 8PM at Palm Grove Forecourt (in front of IMAX Sydney) is Beat Breakdown – a host of epic 1v1 open dance battles bringing different dance styles from waacking to dancehall, voguing and krumping, to the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

Witness 16 participants per round, battle it out showcasing their street and hip hop moves on the dance floor. Each month local dance legends Bgirl TNT, Taz and Tango will be judges, along with Mistery as MC and DJ Hideboo spinning the hottest tunes on the decks. 2 dancers per round will progress to the final ‘All Star’ battle, where the Beat Breakdown winner will be crowned, and amazing prizes await them.

The next battle will go down on Thursday 18 April, with waacking extraordinaire and international sensation Akuma Diva coming all the way from Taiwan as a guest judge!

See below for a quick rundown of dance styles to come:

  • April 18 – Waacking
  • May 16 – Asian Pop/Hip Hop
  • June 20 – Locking (+ Dancehall exhibition)
  • July 18 – All Star Battle
  • August 22 – Afro (+Vogue exhibition)
  • September 19 – Krumping
  • October 10 – Popping
  • November 21 – House
  • December 5 – All Star Battle

Registrations are open HERE

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