CAN YOU IMAGINE – By Jeff Withers

CAN YOU IMAGINE - By Jeff WithersWould I be right in assuming that every one of you have a vision – a vision of the dancer you believe is everything you could be? I expect you have dreamed and imagined what it would be like to be that dancer. However, have you ever really thought about it from the opposite direction? How did that person arrive at their destination? What did they go through to arrive where they are today? Consider this.
Success is something that is created in the mind before it shows externally
in the various guises that other people recognise as success.
A dancer needs to have a clear image of what they want
in order to be able to manifest the outcomes.

Once a person has the ability to create that image they then need embrace focus (what needs to be done), motivation (keep doing what needs to be done), belief (recognising they have the ability), awareness (of what impacts on their growth) and perseverance (keep working if success is to be achieved)
I have a challenge for you … jot down say three dancers/performers you believe epitomise success. For each, consider:
1. what is their area of success …
2. what are the signs of their success that stand out to you …
3. what skills / attributes / attitudes do they display that you believe got them where they are right now …
There are no right or wrong answers, just your observations and perceptions.
Now I’d like you to imagine a big funnel to channel all the attributes, skills and so on you discovered into yourself.
Then ask yourself this question – what would it be like if I had all these RIGHT NOW … would it make a difference ?
Sounds easy, doesn’t it – imagine having them, and then presto … you’re the next champion dancer. Hmmm, perhaps it might take just a little more effort than that. So how can you make it happen, because it is possible for you to be all that you aspire to be. In fact, the above exercise takes a great deal of time and commitment, not to mention belief.
Let’s go further. Find a quiet place and think about the qualities etc you channelled through your funnel above “Try each on for size” – ie immerse yourself in how it feels to have that quality, what you see or hear. Turn up the sound, brighten the colours, intensify the feelings. Do the same for each, discarding or adding elements as you go. Who knows, you may well come up with a whole new you -with all the skills, attitudes and attributes you need to be successful. – a “blueprint” for the new you.
You may wish to spend some time “living” in this new you when possible over a week or so. As you go, you will find the elements within may adjust a little, with some parts becoming redundant, others more powerful and, hopefully, the whole experience quite comfortable and rewarding.
Now, I want you to think back to when you were first dancing and this “new you” was not yet invented. Try re-living that experience now, as if you were the new you in that same dance – notice how it feels, what you hear and see – is it different … is it better … is it what you thought it should be. Re-visit this step until you are happy with your experience. Then, move forward in time, visiting various dance experiences as the new you, enjoying the excitement of becoming the dancer you aspire to be. As a last step, project yourself into a future time and imagine yourself dancing with all these new qualities at your disposal.
Make no mistake – the above alone will not make you a great dancer … there is no substitute for plain hard work and practice. However, your mind and emotions play a very large part in your growth as a dancer, and when employed as part of your training regimen, visualising techniques like this can have a huge impact on where you end up.
No champion got there on talent alone, so perhaps you may like to spend some of your valuable practice time training more than just your body, starting with creating an image in your mind of where you’re heading.
Let me leave you with this thought:
I know you saw me dance … but did you actually see me dance as I thought I did.
Champions visualise what they want before they can make it happen. But that by itself is no more than a start – focus … perseverance … self belief … motivation … awareness … these all play their part in your success story. However, one step at a time.
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