Britney's Big Come Back Includes An Aussie!

Aussies Big Come Back Includes An Aussie!It’s been coming for the last two years but after seeing the below video last week I think Britney’s comeback is nearly here! While I love celeb gossip I don’t usually post it on DanceLife unless it has some real relevance to our industry… Britney’s comeback does! One particular hot Aussie dancer SHANNON HOLZAPFFEL has been making his way back and forth to the US where they are eating him up and now Britney wants her turn. This Aussie Talent has been selected to dance in one of Britney’s upcoming film clips for the song Mannequin. Shannon also got to partner her!
In other Britney news ANDRE FUENTES who is currently in Sydney teaching dance workshops through SOURCE Dance has had a call from Britney over the weekend to say get your butt back here… you are choreographing a new video for me and my World Tour. Will Britney finally bring herself to Australia? If her Shannon makes the cut maybe he can convince her to bring the show to OZ. I’m I getting just a little too excited??