BLANC de BLANC Encore Returns June 9

Blanc de Blanc Encore

The Grand Electric, Theatre No1

The delightfully decadent world of Blanc de Blanc Encore has been wowing audiences since it opened in January in the beautifully refurbished venue The Grand Electric, Surry Hills.  Due to overwhelming demand Strut & Fret has announced that Blanc de Blanc is returning for a third Sydney season and will play from Friday 9 June until Sunday 30 July.  

The Grand Electric space itself has captivated theatregoers with its elegant design and French-inspired courtyard – peppered with original mural artwork by Max Elbourne. “It feels like it’s ripped straight out of Paris’ Moulin Rouge district. There are dazzling lights of every colour, a bar in the back with a substantial stock of champagne, and hard wooden floors that reverberate a playlist featuring everything from jazz to rap.”  Scenestr

BLANC de BLANC ENCORE serves an intoxicating blend of fun, flirtation and acrobatic feats; enthralling audiences with the same addictive blend of acrobatic artistry and risqué revelry that its creators are world-renowned for.

The star studded, internationally sourced cast with its numerous Cirque du Soleil alumni includes Felix Pouliot from Canadaaerialist Caitlin Marion from USA, Jess Mews and Melanie Hawkins from Australia and New Zealand’s Emma Phillips.

“Providing a deliciously hedonistic evening of escapism …this work is a treat for audiences looking for some grown up fun and frivolity.” Broadway World

“Did I mention the skill of the performers? Whether it was risqué cancan in stilettos, striptease, slapstick, vamping, the pole or aerial rings, they were absolutely top-notch professionals. They did not miss a beat and their delivery is sharp, precise and seamless.”  Theatre Thoughts

They come from around the world but perform together with familial rapport. This is clever, raucous, vibrant, frenetic fun with near nudity and complete indulgence.” City Hub

“…high-flying French-themed production is as raunchy and adult as ever, shaped into new venue The Grand Electric. The venue – raw, open and charmingly minimal with a vibrant front courtyard – is as much the star of the show as the performers themselves.” AU Review 

“Packed with dance, humour, and banging music … a scintillating night of entertainment.

A classic piece of cabaret, it bares all – literally and figuratively – to create a mesmerising performance.”  Scenestr

Providing a deliciously hedonistic evening of escapism …this work is a treat for audiences looking for some grown up fun and frivolity.” Broadway World

Blanc de Blanc Encore

Surry Hills – The Grand Electric, Theatre No1

From  9 June to 30 July 2023


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