Adelaide Festival 2024 Program

Adelaide Festival

March 1 – 17, 2024


Akram Khan, a renowned choreographer, presents a new adaptation at the Adelaide Festival, based on Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book.’ This version offers a contemporary twist, focusing on a young climate refugee who, displaced from her homeland, finds herself in a desolate modern city. The story reimagines Mowgli’s journey as she navigates this urban ‘jungle’ and forms bonds with unusual companions, portraying wild animals taking over the city streets. ‘Jungle Book reimagined’ is a blend of dance, theatre, and digital technology, featuring advanced animation and an original score. This adaptation aims to engage audiences of all ages, emphasizing the importance of respecting nature and envisioning a hopeful, altered future.

WHEN: Fri 15 Mar, 7:00pm, Sat 16 Mar, 1:00pm, 7:00pm

WHERE: Festival Theatre Adelaide Festival Centre, Kaurna Country, Adelaide

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 The 2024 Adelaide Festival debuts with ‘Baleen Moondjan,’ a contemporary ceremony and the first major work by Stephen Page since his tenure at Bangarra Dance Theatre. This piece is inspired by a story from Page’s grandmother, hailing from the Ngugi/Nunukul/Moondjan people of Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), and celebrates the deep connection between First Nations, baleen whales, and their totemic systems. Featuring Stephen Page’s hallmark dramatic storytelling, striking choreography, and haunting live music, the production is set in a visually striking world designed by Jacob Nash.

‘Baleen Moondjan’ unfolds on the sandy shores of Glenelg, framed by giant whale bones. It narrates the tale of an Elder, her curious granddaughter, and a significant encounter with a baleen whale, symbolizing the spiritual journey of the Elder’s spirit being carried out to sea. The story highlights the profound connections among all living beings and our ties to the earth, sky, and sea.

Stephen Page, a former Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival, skillfully blends contemporary dance with narrative storytelling, incorporating songs in English, Jandai, and Gumbaynggirr/Yaegl languages. This dynamic outdoor performance at Glenelg Beach is brought to life with the collaboration of designer Jacob Nash, co-writer Alana Valentine, composer Steve Francis, costume designer Jennifer Irwin, and lighting designer Damien Cooper.

‘Baleen Moondjan’ is a visually stunning celebration of First Nations’ stories and culture, the relationship between humans and animals, and the resilience of Country, marking a vibrant start to the Festival. Dancelife Australia lauds Stephen Page for his significant achievements and his ability to create narratives that transcend time and space.

WHEN:  Wed 28 Feb, 8:00pm, Thu 29 Feb, 8:00pm, Fri 01 Mar, 8:00pm, Sat 02 Mar, 8:00pm

Gates open: 6:30pm

Performance: 8pm

WHERE:  Glenelg (Pathawilyangga) Beach Kaurna Country

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GUURANDA by Jacob Boehme

“Guuranda” is a significant new theater production that brings to life the Narungga Creation stories from South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. This work is the brainchild of Narungga/Kaurna theater-maker Jacob Boehme, commissioned by the Adelaide Festival. It’s a collaborative effort involving First Nations artists, Narungga Elders, and non-Indigenous artists. Jacob Boehme takes on the roles of writer and director, with contributions from Narungga visual artist Kylie O’Loughlin, Narungga songwoman Sonya Rankine, songman Warren Milera, and the Narungga Family Choir.

Named after the Narungga language term for the Yorke Peninsula, “Guuranda” delves into the essence of humanity as taught by the Narungga people and their land. The stories portrayed are neither mythical nor outdated; instead, they are dynamic, vital, and sometimes dangerous, designed to captivate, educate, and even shock audiences of all ages.

The production uniquely blends theater, song, puppetry, dance, and visual art to narrate tales that provide deep insights and a sense of balance, acknowledging the ever-present elements of chaos and death. “Guuranda” encourages its audience to engage attentively, listen closely, and move with care, offering a profound cultural and artistic experience.

WHEN: Thu 29 Feb, 7:00pm, Fri 01 Mar, 1:00pm, Sat 02 Mar, 2:00pm, 8:00pm, Sun 03 Mar, 2:00pm

Performance on Thu 29 Feb is a preview.

WHERE:  Her Majesty’s Theatre Grote Street, Kaurna Country, Adelaide

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PRIVATE VIEW by Restless Dance Theatre

 Private View, presented by Restless Dance Theatre, is a daring new production that explores the intricate themes of love, sex, and secret desires. Directed and choreographed by Michelle Ryan, in collaboration with the Restless dancers and musician Carla Lippis, the piece offers a unique voyeuristic perspective. Audiences witness dancers in their most vulnerable moments, as they candidly express their innermost thoughts and emotions through powerful dance movements, giving a glimpse into their private, unseen worlds.

The performance is characterized by the haunting melodies of Carla Lippis, whose music deeply intertwines with the narrative, enhancing the emotional intensity of each scene. “Private View” stands as an intimate exploration of unspoken stories and concealed longings, featuring a cast of dancers with and without disabilities, marking it as a significant work in Australian dance theatre.

WHEN:  Thu 29 Feb, 7:00pm, Fri 01 Mar, 7:00pm, Sat 02 Mar, 1:00pm, 6:00pm, Tue 05 Mar, 7:00pm, Wed 06 Mar, 7:00pm, Thu 07 Mar, 1:00pm, 5:30pm, Fri 08 Mar, 7:00pm

Sat 09 Mar, 1:00pm, 6:00pm

Performance on Thu 29 Feb is a preview.

WHERE:  Odeon Theatre Kaurna Country, 57A Queen Street, Norwood

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“Marrow,” a dynamic dance production by Australian Dance Theatre, represents a pivotal shift in exploring national identity and politics. Choreographed by Daniel Riley in collaboration with the ADT’s Company Artists and notable contributors like senior Kaurna/Ngarrindjeri Elder Uncle Moogy Sumner AM, composer James Howard, and others, the piece engages the ensemble in a physical dissection of dominant cultural narratives amidst smoke and light. This work bravely confronts the mistruths and alienation embedded in Australia’s history, seeking to reveal the truth of the past. “Marrow” is a candid and potent artistic endeavour that sifts through the murky aspects of the national conscience, aiming to carve out a new future that resonates with the urgencies of the present.

WHEN:  Wed 13 Mar, 7:30pm, Thu 14 Mar, 7:30pm, Fri 15 Mar, 11:30am, 7:30pm, Sat 16 Mar, 1:30pm, 7:30pm, Sun 17 Mar, 5:00pm

WHERE:  Odeon Theatre 57A Queen Street, Kaurna Country, Norwood

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TIME MACHINE by Elizabeth Streb

Time Machine is a thrilling fusion of dance, physics, and Extreme Action, conceived by the innovative Elizabeth Streb and her STREB EXTREME ACTION company. This art form, pioneered by Streb, transcends traditional dance, challenging gravity and exploring the limits of the human body. The performers, dubbed ‘Action Heroes,’ engage with dynamic ‘Action Machines,’ offering an exhilarating spectacle that captivates audiences of all ages. Celebrated for their daring exploration of physics and awe-inspiring physical precision, the company has made a significant impact since its inception in 1985, delivering performances that blend experimental dance with mainstream entertainment. The show includes remarkable feats, such as their 2012 Olympics performance 120 meters up on the London Eye, and marks STREB EXTREME ACTION’s first appearance in Adelaide, promising an unforgettable experience of risk, skill, and sheer fearlessness as highlighted by critics like The New York Times and North Brooklyn News.

WHEN: Thu 14 Mar, 7:00pm, Fri 15 Mar, 11:00am, 7:00pm, Sat 16 Mar, 4:00pm, Sun 17 Mar, 6:00pm

WHERE:  Her Majesty’s Theatre Grote Street, Kaurna Country, Adelaide

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Dancenorth Australia’s acclaimed production ‘Wayfinder’ is a vibrant amalgamation of dance, music, and visual arts, creating a joyous, community-centric experience. Debuting in Adelaide in 2024 after receiving widespread praise on its national tour, ‘Wayfinder’ is a testament to Dancenorth’s reputation as one of Australia’s dance gems. The show features the music of Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote and its lead singer Nai Palm, along with sound artist Byron J. Scullin. The playful aesthetic is crafted by Japanese-Australian visual artist Hiromi Tango and lit by award-winning designer Niklas Pajanti. Under the direction of Amber Haines and Kyle Page, the ensemble’s exuberant movement converges with these artistic elements, presenting ‘Wayfinder’ as a kaleidoscopic experience that showcases the company’s prominence in contemporary dance.

WHEN:  Fri 15 Mar, 6:30pm, Sat 16 Mar, 6:00pm, Sun 17 Mar, 2:00pm

WHERE:  Space Theatre Adelaide Festival Centre, Kaurna Country, Adelaide

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