A Groundbreaking Avenue for Dance Films

Dance Filmmaking

Connecting The World Through Dance

Dance Cinema has finally become a home.

Since the Covid pandemic, movement-based films have had a meteoric rise. The new, curated, free platform is here to celebrate these extraordinary works and pave the way for the FUTURE OF DANCE.

Dance Filmmaking fills a void in the dance world. By providing a curated home for dance-on-camera, the platform is the first of its kind. Here are a few examples of how this initiative aims to spark conversations and pave the way for the next generation of dance artists: Monska (Australian film), “They Saw The Sun First” , “as.phyx.i.a.tion”  and they do not charge viewing fees as they aim to democratize access to art. The Filter button allows users to browse works by genre, style, region, etc.

Beyond hosting dance films, the organization will also provide students and dance enthusiasts with masterclasses and other learning opportunities to strengthen their skills and hone their craft.

The founder and executive director is Nadav Heyman, a multi-talented and award-winning filmmaker, and dancer based in Los Angeles.

Their mission is to showcase the latest films and innovation in dance filmmaking, become a hub of research and inspiration, and promote and uplift dance artists worldwide.

“Many of us have been wanting something like this both to provide a more professional presentation context for our films after festival screenings, but also for those of us who are educators and want access to a wider range of dance film examples to use in our courses. This is a huge step forward in all regards so THANK YOU for making this happen.”

John Dixon
Professor East Carolina University

Visit their website for more information  https://www.dancefilmmaking.com/



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