World Premiere of 3SCAPE 3SIXTY

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World Premiere of The Movement’s First Original Short Dance Film

New Australian youth contemporary dance project, The Movement, under artistic director and founder Jason Winters has released its first short film as a direct result of the company’s first year of training and mentorship of a group of young dancers.
The film is cryptically titled 3SCAPE 3SIXTY and features the 24 dancers from the first year intake of The Movement contemporary dance program. It officially launches on the evening of 9th March!
Jason Winters explains the concept behind the first project to come out of The Movement. “The title of this project is pronounced ‘escape three sixty’. I purposely chose to play with letters and numbers to see what the mind would create for each individual viewer.”
“The film itself has a similar theme. I wanted to create something that, first and foremost, has a journey; but at the same time celebrates the unique experience of a singular moment in the lives of a group of people who have been brought together for one specific purpose. We travel through our lives and usually never realize that each time we meet up with a group of friends, loved ones or strangers the events that take place will never again happen in the exact same way with the exact same individuals. Something will always be different, even if it is the slightest detail.”
“Knowing that every moment is special and never to be repeated, but also thinking that it might be happening in just a slightly different way gives me this incredible feeling of appreciation and hopefulness while on the journey that life provides for us, and that is the feeling I wanted to share with the viewer,” said Jason.
This film was shot over 24 hours at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia. Most uniquely, it was made using only natural light from sunrise to sunset, whilst set among the buildings and structures of an industrial landscape.
The dance film genre is exploding both here in Australia and worldwide due to today’s ease of access to digital technology and production, allowing dancers and artists another avenue in which to share their creativity and stories to a much wider audience.

WATCH The Movement’s  3SCAPE 3SIXTY Now!

The Movement is a youth contemporary dance program for students aged 11 to 19 years. It is an exclusive mentorship and training program for young inspired contemporary dancers destined for a career in the industry. The goal is to produce professional Australian contemporary dancers working in companies around the world, by delivering a very high standard of training, integrated with weekly lectures and creative performance opportunities. The Movement believes young Australian contemporary dancers deserve a plan and platform to showcase themselves to national and international dance companies.