NAISDA | Circle of Cultures

NAISDA Dance College marks 40th Anniversary with ‘Circle of Cultures’

Carriageworks Sydney | 15 – 24 November 2016

Leading indigenous performing arts organisation NAISDA Dance College is partnering with Carriageworks to celebrate NAISDA’s 40th anniversary with Circle of Culturesa very special season which will take place at Carriageworks in Redfern, Sydney from 15 to 24 November 2016.
Circle of Cultures will see NAISDA’s story come to life through 3 major events across Carriageworks, including a photography exhibition, cultural dances from communities across Australia and its main stage production From Sand to Stage, Directed by Helpmann Award winning Choreographer Frances Rings.
From Sand to Stage will combine three creative works which pay homage to NAISDA’s past, present and future, starting with a recreation of one of NAISDA’s first public performances, Embassy, originally conceived by founder of NAISDA, Carole Y Johnson.
Embassy was an iconic piece and an early example of NAISDA’s unique blend of contemporary and traditional cultural dance, which was the foundation of our Indigenous Contemporary Arts Practice. It will be an honour to recreate this on stage with a new wave of performers,” said Frances.
NAISDA alumnae and Bangarra Senior Dancer Elma Kris will also remount extracts from two iconic works Emeret Lu and About (Belong). Originally created for Bangarra Dance Theatre, these extracts are a celebration of Torres Strait Islander culture.
“We are thankful that Elma, a past student of NAISDA, has entrusted her award winning works with NAISDA’s Developing Artists so they can inspire a whole new generation,” added Frances.
Finally, as a nod to NAISDA’s vibrant future, NAISDA’s current Diploma Developing Artists will choreograph the third and final piece in collaboration with and mentored by Frances Rings.
As a special prelude to each From Sand to Stage performance, audiences will be able to gain an understanding of the cultural inspiration behind NAISDA with Speaking Countries – a free performance by cultural tutors who have given so much to NAISDA’s students.
“Speaking Countries will see the Carriageworks public space transformed into a vibrant community dance ground as Cultural communities from around Australia who have played a significant role in NAISDA’s growth over the past 40 years share stories, culture and of course, dance,” continued Frances.
Communities from Mornington Island, Saibai Island, Moa Island, Yirrkala and Elcho Island will present their cultural dance as part of a free public performance which will take place from 6.00pm to 7.15pm each night, before From Sand to Stage commences at 8pm.
Rounding off NAISDA’s season is Naya Wa Yugali (We Dance) a free public photography and multimedia exhibition weaving the history of NAISDA through the eyes of artists, students and staff. The exhibition will take place at Carriageworks from 15 November to 11 December 2016.
Bookings are essential for all From Sand to Stage performances and can be made through the Carriageworks website at For more information, please call Carriageworks at 02 8571 9099.