ASK THE PHYSIO | Cardio Training

Health & Wellbeing
Let’s get sweaty! Talking Cardio Training for Dancers by Sally Harrison, Perfect Form Physiotherapy “I want to improve my cardio fitness.” This is a common goal I hear from many dancers My first question in response to this statement is always … why? What do you want to achieve? Wha… Read Article

Report into Dance Injuries

Fatigue and Overuse Identified as Major Cause of Dance Injuries Safe Dance Report IV by Ausdance New dance research identifies fatigue and overuse as major contributing factors to injury in Australia’s professional dancers. The Safe Dance Report IV: Investigating injuries in Austr… Read Article

Alisha's Advice | Dealing with Injury

Health & Wellbeing
Pressures Facing the Injured Dancer Advice for Aspiring Young Dancers by Alisha Coon It is common to see a rise in the number of dance injuries as we approach the end of year. Rehearsal time and workload increase dramatically in the lead up to the end of year performances. Academic workloa… Read Article

Ask The Physio … Problem Hips

Health & Wellbeing
Tight at the front of your hips? Do your hips Click or Clunk? Try this 10 minute programme that your hips will love by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form Physio The dancers hip is subject to even more demand than the average Joe. In normal circumstances, our hips are designed to move us in the sa… Read Article


Health & Wellbeing
Getting the most from your feet … a 10 minute program that your feet will love by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form Physiotherapy Your feet are the primary connection with your body to the ground, and therefore, information about your external environment. Even under normal circu… Read Article

Ask the Physio … Hip Flexors

Health & Wellbeing
Stretching those Hip Flexors by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form Physiotherapy The hip flexors, as the name suggests, flex or bend the hip (as when lifting the leg off the ground).They also have the ability to pull the pelvis forward and arch the back when standing or sitting. They also ha… Read Article

Ask the Physio: Functional Training

Health & Wellbeing
Functional Training  |  Part 1 What is it and how does it apply to me as a dancer? by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form PhysiotherapyJust as an athlete spends a lot of time training for competition, it is equally important that the professional dancer does the same. The training I refer to… Read Article


Orthotics, do we need them for dancing and how do they help? The foot. The foot is designed to function well on soft natural surfaces like sand and earth. Modern day living however means we spend a lot of time on hard concrete style surfaces and in fashion shoes which restrict the foot’s natu… Read Article

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