REVIEW | This Is Going To Be Big

This Is Going To Be Big A Heartfelt Triumph of Inclusivity and Adolescent Aspiration Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the realm of cinematic storytelling, there are films that entertain, films that inspire, and then there are films like This Is Going To Be Big. Director Thomas Charles Hyla… Read Article

REVIEW | Creature

Creature Choreographic Brilliance Meets Cinematic Mastery in Creature Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the heart of the icy expanse, where the chilling winds whisper tales of isolation, Creature is a breathtaking marvel that melds movement and emotion into a symphony of theatrical bri… Read Article

REVIEW | Theatre Camp

Theatre Camp Full of Laughter, Nostalgia, and Over-the-Top Drama Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Amid the sun-kissed panoramas of upstate New York sits AdirondACTS, a captivating refuge for budding artists, offering an enchanting experience that bridges the worlds of theatre and camar… Read Article

REVIEW | Neneh Superstar

Neneh Superstar Overcoming Boundaries and Defying Expectations Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the world of ballet, where grace and tradition intertwine, Neneh Superstar shines as a radiant beacon of resilience, challenging conventions and soaring beyond limitations. Ramzi Ben Sl… Read Article

REVIEW | Melbourne International Film Festival

  The 70th Melbourne International Film Festival Bringing Together Works From All Genres Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Bringing together works from all genres, from all over the world, this years festival showcased the vast array of talent and the eclectic point of view of artists f… Read Article

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