Dear Dance Parents …

Health & Wellbeing
Raising dancers A letter to my dance parents by Jo Bolden Dancers, the dance world, our relationship to dance and how we learn to move through it all informs how we ‘human’ (not a real verb but works in this case) as an adult. I’m not a parent so I don’t know what it’s like to be one to a dancer. But Read Article

The Problem with Winning at Dance Comps

Health & Wellbeing
Could Second Place be better for you than First? by Jo Bolden We’re taught to strive for first place. Almost as soon as we learn that a ‘First Place’ exists and see the glory, congratulations and applause that rides shotgun with it, we develop the understanding that First Place is where it’… Read Article

How to Deal with Rejection

Health & Wellbeing
Rejection. Dealing with it and making it work for you. by Jo Bolden When you don’t get picked, don’t get the job or don’t get the moment you wanted – it feels like rejection. Because it IS rejection. It’s easy to consider not putting yourself out there anymore. But then, there’s this w… Read Article

Is loving dance enough?

Health & Wellbeing
Loving it. A reflection by Jo Bolden on what it means to ‘love’ dance When I ask dancers (from beginner to advanced, and teachers and choreographers too) why they dance, the answer “because I love it” usually shows up. Often. This is fantastic but ‘loving it’ is… Read Article

Now versus Not | Dance Trends

Latest News
Now versus not: The Dilemma of Dance Trends A reflection by Jo Bolden on the ever-changing nature of dance So … there’s a conversation that has, no doubt, been around for way longer than I have. I’ve heard it in a few places amongst dancers, teachers, choreographers and studio owne… Read Article

Somebody else’s success.

Latest News
Somebody else’s success. You see on Facebook or hear in conversation of somebody doing really, REALLY well.  Having big success.  This person is getting YOUR dream dance gig, booking YOUR dream dance tour and you are genuinely happy for them… or you try to be. PAUSE HERE. Before you talk… Read Article
Pick Me - That Moment

That Moment … Pick Me!!

THAT moment. There are definitely moments for hesitating, for thinking it through and waiting for your gut to give you some solid gold reasoning. Unfortunately there are also moments when hesitating really means that your mind talks you out of something that your heart is bursting to do… Read Article

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