Health & Wellbeing
Getting the most from your feet … a 10 minute program that your feet will love by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form Physiotherapy Your feet are the primary connection with your body to the ground, and therefore, information about your external environment. Even under normal circu… Read Article

Ask the Physio… Spine Flexibility

Health & Wellbeing
Using the foam roller to improve flexibity of the spine by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form PhysiotherapyUse of the foam roller for self treatment is called self myofascial release (SMR).  It is a form of self-massage used to increase flexibility, joint range of motion and decrease un… Read Article

Ask the Physio… Spondylolithesis

Health & Wellbeing
Lower Back Pain and Spondylolisthesisby Sally Harrison form Perfect Form PhysiotherapyAlthough the experience of low back pain can be the result of a multitude of reasons, one possibility is that of a ‘spondy’. This particular presentation is more common in the younger population of… Read Article


Health & Wellbeing
Overuse injuries…..recognition and prevention. If you are taking on full time dance school this year you will probably increase the amount of dancing you are doing every week considerably. Your body may also notice this substantially!!! Our resident expert Physiotherapist –… Read Article

Ask The Physio …. What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement?

What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement?What is Anterior Ankle Impingement? “Impingement” of the ankle refers to pain and dysfunction at the ankle which can occur at the front (anterior) or at the back of the ankle (posterior). ‘’Impingement” means “to hit against” or “to come in contact wi… Read Article

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