Ask The Physio …. What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement?

What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement? What is Anterior Ankle Impingement? “Impingement” of the ankle refers to pain and dysfunction at the ankle which can occur at the front (anterior) or at the back of the ankle (posterior). ‘’Impingement” means “to hit against” or “to come in contact wi… Read Article

ASK THE PHYSIO … What are Bunions?

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ASK THE PHYSIO……… What are Bunions? Many dancers may be concerned at the possibility of developing unsightly and painful bunions on their toes as a result of dance. Whether this be as a direct result of pointe work, heeled shoes or even with dynamic foot control dancing barefoot. Althoug… Read Article

Ask the Physio – What is Hypermobility?

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What is hypermobility? Hypermobility refers to excessive flexibility/movement in the joints of the body. A hypermobile joint has a large range of movement and can sometimes feel a little ‘sloppy’ and loose. It is not necessarily widespread and may only affect a few joints in the body. F… Read Article

Ask the Physio … Fascia & Mobility

What Is Fascia? How Can I Increase My Mobility? What is fascia? Fascia is connective tissue that supports, links and winds around and through all of our bodily systems. It forms envelopes around everything:  nerves, bones, brain, spinal cord, muscles, organs and cells. We can view it to… Read Article

Ask the physio … knee pain

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What Is Anterior Knee Pain And How Do I Manage It? Why do I have knee pain? Anterior knee pain is an umbrella term for pain felt at the front of the knee. It is usually linked to the knee cap (patella) region,either directly underneath or to either side. Mechanism of Injury- how does it occur? T… Read Article
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ASK THE PHYSIO … Strained Muscles!

Health & Wellbeing
A strained muscle, how to recognise and treat … by Sally Harrison, Perfect Form Physio A strained muscle is a very common injury amongst those with a highly active life. Although our muscles can withstand a lot of physical demands sometimes if the muscle is overloaded and unable to… Read Article
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ASK THE PHYSIO … Warm Up & Cool Down

The Importance of warm up and cool down The warm up………. Warm up and cool down are essential parts of any class and pre / post performance routine. An adequate and tailored warm-up / cool down are also integral for injury prevention and muscle recovery. Cast your mind back to your last class,… Read Article


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What Is An Ankle Sprain And How Do I Manage It? WHAT  IS A LATERAL ANKLE SPRAIN? An ankle ligament sprain involves damage to one or more of the outside (lateral) ligaments that supports the ankle joint. Ligaments function to provide the ankle joint with stability by attaching from one bon… Read Article

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