This week I had the great pleasure of meeting a committed and clever singer, dancer, actress named Brooke Parsons. Brooke came to my Audition Workshop – Xanadu Focus, a workshop for people who work in, or want to work in Broadway Musicals, and who are auditioning for Xanadu the musical.
During our few hours together at the Tap Dogs HQ studio in beautiful Bondi Beach, Sydney, I asked Brooke, “Are you a singer?” Her reply was one that is synonymous with triple threats who have masses of dance experience like Brooke. She said something like “Ummm … I’m more comfortable dancing”.
That’s an honest answer. The truth is Brooke is packing an amazing voice, but she doesn’t really know it. Brooke is limited by one thing … her identity (ID) or who she believes herself to be.
She knows she’s a Dancer. She know’s she’s a Hard Worker. She knows she’s a Teacher. But she’s not sure she’s a Singer.
Once a dancer decides to take the risk of saying “Hey world! I AM A SINGER!” and say that to herself several hundred times each week, pretty soon she’ll start believing it and then shortly after her world will change in currently unimaginable ways.
The strongest force in your nature (this I learnt from Tony Robbins) is your ID. You will do whatever it takes to remain consistent with who you ‘think’ you are. eg If you think you are a loser, you’ll consistently do things that will give you losing results and therefore enable you to continue calling yourself a loser.
However if you are a winner and know you are, you will do whatever it takes to get consistent winning results.
Now, like most performers who come to my workshops, Brooke is an ABSOLUTE winner. She must be! She decided to invest her precious time with some random, ie ME, in pursuit of the kind of inside knowledge that could change her career forever.
I am happy to report that following our extraordinary few hours together she is now also a SINGER, and is willing to believe that. She very kindly has allowed me to publish this story and her letter of thanks below.
Brooke’s Letter
… Dancers out there 100% are sitting in a safe zone, not allowing their true identity to come out and believe they can be strong in another facet of our industry.
Cannot thank you enough for your time and energy today…with such an amazing few hours learning from you! So inspirational and wise, a beautiful person.
Just completely read through your bio …and wow.. I knew from your words and manner that you clearly have worked extensively in the industry, BUT AMAZING!!!! I feel privileged to have had such an opportunity, it is crazy what is drawn to you in this universe.
So Thank you!

Kind Regards,
I’ll share concepts like this in future blogs. For now, please make a friend request at so I can keep you updated with the latest.
Dance with Passion!
Tia Jordan

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