YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEATIt is being strongly rumoured that a production of the hit Broadway musical Hairspray will land in Australia in 2010, potentially ending years of speculation. Could this be the big dance musical that John Frost was talking about in oDanceLife’s Exclusive interview with him?
The show premiered on Broadway six years ago and since then, rumours have always swirled about an Australian version, particularly given local producer John Frost has an interest in the musical.
A film version of the musical hit last year and a sequel is currently being planned, it is understood.
What is not clear is whether the rumoured Australian venture would be an arena production, which has been spoken about in the past. If so, it may cash in on using star names and be sold as an ‘event’ as opposed to a traditional theatre production.
No official announcement has been made.
Source: Aussie Theatre