Whispers… SYTYCD

Whispers... SYTYCD

The Top 100 week was filmed for SYTYCD last week and the final 20 have been told… but who are they? Apparently we will find out on Sunday. The stories from what happened during the week have been flying between kicked out contestants about what really happened during the week. DanceLife has heard that ATTITUDE was all around with not only the judges having a go at the contestants but the contestant giving it to the judges. Will you see this on television? Probably not as Ten is not allowed to have swearing in a 7.30pm timeslot. I have been told that the Top 20 are a high calibre group of dancers. Expect to have your “token” reality characters with sob stories and all that jazz when it hits our screens in February 2009. In the meantime enjoy the new dance shows on Foxtel ‘Step It Up & Dance’ and Seven’s ‘Dance Machine’ when they hit the box this weekend.

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