Dance Studios are popping up everywhere, each week I receive an email about studios offering new classes and high profile teachers teachers. As the demand for dance grows people are seeing ways to make money and capitalise on the current industry boom. Everyday new people are starting to take up dance classes for a number of reason including improving fitness, meet new people and for some to be famous and go on SYTYCD ;). The ever expanding industry got me thinking about a few things including how are dance studios and teachers getting you to their classes. In times where there is little money to spend on leisure activities businesses are working harder for you to spend that small amount of cash you have for yourself at their business. Obviously the main draw card to attend a class is the teacher but are you going to a class because the “teacher” has been on SYTYCD or have you done you’re research about the person taking the class and do they have the experience to ‘TEACH’ you HOW to dance. Too many times have I been to a class where the teacher is more interested in looking at themselves in the mirror than actually teaching the paying students. The best dancers are usually not the best teachers. Just because you went to high school doesn’t mean you can teach English… Do you get what I’m saying? So this brings me back to teachers and studios getting you in the door and paying the $18 for a class. Some marketing techniques we are seeing is Facebook groups, messages out to fans to say come to my class, emails being sent out to databases etc. I believe the most powerful tool is word of mouth. There is one thing that dancers do well and that’s talk… talk, talk, talk. If you put on a great class then the numbers will build. This along with a facebook group, profile etc will bring newbies to your classes and keep the oldies! Comment on this blog in the forum to let us know what classes your enjoying at the moment and why!

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