What Now?

It’s been 12 years since I left the comfort of my home to pursue my professional dancing career. I sometimes get phone calls from young dancers asking for advice of where to go and what to do now after they finish school or a full time course. When you think about how many young aspiring performers graduate each year hoping to work in the industry, it’s quite daunting. What Now?
I can only speak from my own experience, but I’m sure a lot of you can relate and I hope that it helps. I grew up and trained on the Gold Coast. It’s an amazing place but like some small towns and far away places like Perth for example, there comes a time in a dancers life where you want more. Sydney and Melbourne are usually the next step. I chose Melbourne as my teacher Robert Sturrock had come from there and I guess I followed his path. Arriving to a city at 18 years of age that I had never been to, and only knew one person was extremely scary. I remember standing outside Tony Bartuccio’s school and agency for about 30 minutes feeling sick with butterflies in my stomach before going in. After talking to myself for a while, I took a deep breath and walked in with my resume, picture and a big dream. That day was the beginning of it all and I will never forget it. I went on to do class their 5 days a week for a few months with as many teachers as possible and later auditioning successfully for the agency. I landed a great gig as a regular on Channel 9s ‘In Melbourne Tonight’ and then it all took off for me in Melbourne. I never did a full time course but for those that do, always try and branch out after graduating to explore as many schools and teachers as possible. I think the key to getting in with choreographers and agents is in one word, class. Never stop going and try as many teachers as possible as most employers and working choreographers teach. It’s like an audition for you and a chance to impress where ever you are.
I know it’s not easy starting out, or cracking the industry but don’t give up and keep working hard. I truly believe in hard work breeding success. I’ve been living my dream for 14 years but never thought I would have done the variety of work all over the country. This year especially has been an unbelievable experience and it’s one I never thought would happen. It’s a hard industry and not always rosy but for all of you aspiring dancers, don’t give up. Take the knocks and get back up even hungrier and most of all, keep dreaming.
Kate Wormald x