Watch McGregor’s Dyad 1929 Online

Dancers from The Australian Ballet in Wayne McGregor’s ‘Dyad 1929’. Images courtesy Sydney Opera House

The Australian Ballet’s presents Wayne McGregor’s Dyad 1929

Sydney Opera House’s Digital Season | From June 11

The next dance production to feature in the Sydney Opera House‘s ‘From Our House to Yours’ 2020 digital season is Wayne McGregor’s Dyad 1929 performed by The Australian Ballet in 2013.  It will be available to watch on demand online from June 11-25.

Sharply lit and set in a crisp background of black dots on white, dancers seem to race Steve Reich’s hurtling, Pulitzer Prize-winning score to the finish in this thrilling one-act work created by Wayne McGregor for The Australian Ballet.

In 2006, Wayne McGregor set the ballet world alight when he made the ultra-stark, ultra-stretched Chroma with The Royal Ballet. Shortly afterwards, the enfant terrible completed his conquest of the establishment by becoming the company’s resident choreographer.

In 2009, McGregor brought his radical vocabulary and omnivorous intellect to The Australian Ballet to make Dyad 1929, one of a pair of works that examine the period from 1909 to 1929, when Serge Diaghilev’s company the Ballets Russes was remaking modern dance.

It was also a period of full-tilt technological innovation, as is seen through two moments in Antarctic exploration: in 1909, Ernest Shackleton was the first to reach the South Pole; in 1929, Richard Evelyn Bird was the first to fly over it in a plane.

From these complex concepts, McGregor built the stripped-back speed machine that is Dyad 1929. Sharply lit and set in a crisp background of black dots on white, the dancers seem to race Steve Reich’s hurtling, Pulitzer-Prize-winning score Double Sextet to the finish line.

Read more about Wayne McGregor’s brilliance and works here:

WATCH DYAD 1929 here.

Dancers from TAB in Wayne McGregor’s ‘Dyad 1929’
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