Unwrapped at The House

The five creatives behind Unwrapped: Dances for Now – Nelson Earl, Martin del Amo, Angela Goh, Raghav Handa and Vicki van Hout. Photos Daniel Boud.

Sydney Opera House presents Unwrapped: Dances For Now

Angela Goh

On Demand Online from August 8

As part of its From Our House To Yours 2020 digital season, the Sydney Opera House will premiere Unwrapped: Dances for Now online from Saturday August 8.

Unwrapped: Dances for Now features short dance pieces by five NSW choreographers, dancing in and premiering their own new works in response to music that has inspired them to reflect on how our current times have been affecting, challenging and transforming them both as individuals and artists. .

Raghav Handa

Performed from the Joan Sutherland Theatre stage, each artist dances their own choreography which reflects on this moment, its challenges and transformative possibilities. The five choreographers featured are Martin del Amo, Angela Goh, Raghav Handa, Vicki Van Hout, and Nelson Earl.

Raghav Handa is an Australian choreographer and performer of Indian heritage with training in modern and Indigenous contemporary dance. His high-energy, characterful work explores a precarious space, where hallucination and reality collide. His work is set to Music by Sofi Tukker, Good Time Girl feat. Charlie Barker.

Martin del Amo

Award winning dancer Angela Goh is influenced by themes of disruption and transformation in her work, and dances to question the influence of techno-capitalism and investigate a post-human world. The music is Exo by CORIN.

Acclaimed for his full-length solo dance works that fuse idiosyncratic movement and intimate storytelling, Martin del Amo’s dance work explores themes of vulnerability and isolation. His music is Vulnerable by Marcus Whale.

Vicki Van Hout is an Indigenous independent artist with over 20 years’ experience. A graduate of NAISDA Dance College and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York, her vibrant work calls on her Indigenous heritage and punk-loving roots. Her work features music by Shana O’Brien, Johnny Brown, and Philip Downing, I cry.

Nelson Earl

Nelson Earl is a natural creator and collaborator; a Helpmann Award nominated artist previously of Sydney Dance Company. His piece reflects the minute domestic, intricate details that have become so prevalent in our lives. Music is A1 by Clever Austin

For more information on each of the choreographers and details on the From Our House To Yours program visit www.sydneyoperahouse.com/digital/season/dance/unwrapped-dances-for-now.html


Available On Demand from Saturday 8 August, 12pm
Watch here: www.sydneyoperahouse.com

Vicki Van Hout
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