Universal Studios Singapore

Auditions 2015

MELBOURNE 16th & 17th March @ Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance

SYDNEY 19th and 20th March @ Seymour Centre

We are searching for talented singers, dancers, break dancers, celebrity look-a-likes, character actors and voice impersonators for our world-class entertainment offerings.

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Universal Studios Singapore – Character Breakdown

The Mel’s Dinettes
Join the singing & dancing waitresses of Hollywood’s most well-known drive-in restaurant. The Mel’s Dinettes ‘Shake, Rattle, & Roll’ to the high energy hits of the 50’s & 60’s daily at Mel’s Diner.
The Mel’s Dinettes are gorgeous & fun female singer/dancers in an outdoor show. Strong dancers with excellent singing ability are required (All female vocal ranges are considered).
The Cruisers
The Cruisers are an all-male 50’s pop singing group who charm their audience as they perform some of the greatest hits of all time. Renowned as ‘the coolest of the cool’, the Cruisers require a 50’s/60’s pop sound with the ability to harmonize, strong movement ability, engaging personalities and excellent interaction with park guests who are in close proximity. All vocal ranges will be considered.
The Rockafellas
The Rockafellas are our resident b/boy crew, who will ‘wow’ you with their heart-pumping dance and acrobatic performance. Lead by their host, the crew have an undeniable following from their audiences as they involve them from start to finish in this dynamic, humorous and interactive street show.
B-boy dance, acrobatics, and a great personality are essential. The ability to host on microphone are a plus.
MARILYN MONROE Curvaceous female actress to portray the classis American icon. Must be able to convey the subtle, sexy “Blonde Bombshell” nuances, while interacting with resort guests.
CHARLIE CHAPLIN Must convincingly portray the Oscar winning Silent Screen icon during The Tramp period of his career. Refined manners and gentle spirit required, with the ability to do physical comedy while interacting with resort guests.
BEETLEJUICE The “ghost with the most” possesses minds, bodies and souls – making him the ultimate puppet master. This obnoxious and slightly perverted “bio-exorcist” revels in his grotesque appearance. The character’s history is a mystery; his age and even how he came to die remain unknown.
BETTY BOOP With her sex symbol appeal, combined with girl-like persona, this vibrant young woman (with a childlike voice) has more heart than brains. This flirtatious flapper should be bubbly and bright while interacting with resort guests.
SCORPION KING The last true warrior who made a deal with Anubis in a bid for revenge. Bigger than life, with a physique to match, this role requires a performer who is not body conscious. Should resemble the movie character and portray the captivating qualities of a man who knew only death and murder as his purpose in life.
THE NILE PRINCESS A beautiful mistress with an agenda, who will go to any lengths to get what she wants. With a statuesque physique and Egyptian coloring and/or olive complexion, this role requires talent who is not body conscious.
Voice Actors
DONKEY Shrek’s Fairytale sidekick Donkey brings the crowd to its feet in this one-of-a-kind interactive theatre show. Guests sing along and even talk to Donkey in an intimate theatre setting. This show requires a vibrant voice artist to replicate the iconic voice of Donkey with charm, wit, and impeccable comic timing.

Submissions by email to
For more information head to our website
Don’t miss your chance! A life-changing adventure awaits!