Ultimate Dance Workshop – Gold Coast May

One of Australia’s most stunning professional dancers, Kate Wormald, came to our national attention on So You Think You Can Dance just a few short years ago. Kate is an exceptionally talented dancer, currently performing in Opera Australia’s production of Carmen on Sydney Harbour under the guidance of top choreographer Kelley Abbey (see related article here).
Kate is originally from the Sunshine State and recently spent an extended period over Christmas & New Year back home on the Gold Coast which reminded her about the amazing teachers she had growing up and how much she wanted to ‘give back’ to her hometown now that she has made her mark on the dance world!
To this end, Kate has gathered a selection of Australia’s top choreographers to accompany her ‘back home’ for a special workshop for QLD Dancers to be held Sunday May 19th.
Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, Sarah Boulter and Kate herself will be teaching for one special day at Southport Community Centre.
When we asked this ‘fab four’ what their impressions of Queensland dancers was, this is what they had to say ….

MATT LEE – ‘While I was working on SYTYCD some of the best dancers came from Queensland. Jack Chambers, Kate Wormald, and Talia Fowler to name a few.’

KELLEY ABBEY – ‘I’m very proud to be from Brisbane QLD.I know many successful dancers working professionally on the world stage who are Queenslanders. We tend to put dancers from the ‘big’ cities on a pedestal and this is why we have such a work hard ethic. Queenslanders know how to work hard. Talent coupled with a work hard ethic equals success……’

SARAH BOULTER– ‘I love the Queensland dancers because the have a fire in their bellies.’
KATE WORMALD – ‘I’m always proud to say I’m a Queenslander… We are hard workers and I love teaching all over the state.’

Bookings will fill fast for this amazing event – make sure you register early!

Location: 6 Lawson St, Southport

Time: 9.30am – 5pm

Age Groups: Juniors 7-14yrs; Seniors 15yrs-Professional

REGISTER NOW: ultimatedanceworkshop@hotmail.com

Cost: $120

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