Tony Czar Judging Australian Talent!

Tony CzarTony was first influenced to dance when he saw a hip-hop group called “Culture Shock” perform. When he moved to Washington, D.C. he joined their group at age 16. He has also toured with Ginuwine as a backup dancer. He also performed backup for Yolanda Adams (gospel) and P. Diddy. Tony teaches hip-hop and house at Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA to filled classes. Most recently, he was featured on the hit ABC Television series, Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. Tony is a master teacher at Debbie Reynolds Studio and Millennium in Los Angeles.
Tony is coming to Australia is September to Judge the finals of the Hollywood Dance Competition! DanceLife caught up with Tony before his big trip out to us Aussies.
You moved to LA with $600 in your hand and a garbage bag of clothes. When you first moved to LA you were homeless for a month. What did you do to change this?
I worked really hard!!! lol I actually got a job at Starbuck’s immediately and started working as early as 4:15a.m. everyday. After work at Starbuck’s I would go to the two nearest studios (Millennium and Debbie Reynolds) and talk to the management and bring them free coffee until I got on the substitute list and eventually started teaching!! In between I would sleep in the lounges of the studio and take showers at friend’s houses.
It´s funny how many working dancers are out there and have only had a limited amount of actual dance training. With only 2 years of training under your belt do you think some people just `have it´?
Well yes, Even though I only had 2 years of technical training music has been in me all my life. Every time my mother put music on, you could not catch me standing still. I was always freestylin . . . sometimes even without the music. I always had rhythm and moves training just taught me how to focus them.
You were one of the performers on ABC´s `Dance War´. Tell us about the show and how the experience was for you.
Well the show was basically a “reality” show batttling two groups of singer/dancers against each other. I feel that the show was a huge learning experience! I learned soooo much. Even though I feel like the show had limitations the kept me from performing to my full potential singing and dancing . . . . .contrary to popular belief…….I can actually do both very well. But I’m not worried about that too much, I still have the rest of my life to share my gift with the world.
You have been on tour with many international artists including P.Diddy, Ginuwine and Yolanda Adams. Who have you enjoyed working with most and why?
Well, enjoyed everyone I’ve worked with. I would have to say that I really admired P. Diddy for his professionalism and leadership skills. No matter what MTV and other television show portray him as. . .. . . .I know for myself he is one to be admired.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
With 3 oscars a grammy and 2 kids.
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