THREE 2 TANGOOn Thursday night Three2Tango rewrote the rules of Argentine Tango at a spectacular showcase to announce their new same-sex and mixed tango classes starting in Paddington on 7th & 10th September 2009.The special guests were also treated to a short preview of the dance company’s new Three2Tango show to be launched @ SLIDE in Sydney Nov 4th/5th.
Paddington Church Hall, Oxford Street, Paddington will now host mixed and same-sex couple classes:
Casual drop in class for mixed sex patrons will commence on Thursday 10th September 2009 from 6.30-7.30pm. In addition, drop in classes designed for same-sex patrons commence on Monday 7th September from 6.00-7.00pm. Both courses will be 12 weeks long and the cost is $12 per class. No partner is required.
Patrons attending should wear anything comfortable to dance in, and footwear should be kept to low heels for women and dress shoes for men. The aim of the course is to teach the basics of modern tango to anyone interested in learning to dance in a fun, relaxed environment. By the end of the series, dancers will have a sound knowledge of famous basic tango steps including tango walks, hooks, embraces and cradles. All footwork will be taught so that by the end of the course, a full-length choreography can be performed by all, regardless of when you start.
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