The Secret Society

The Dream Dance Company presents its Season 2 Production

Sydney, July 13 – 17 |  Perth, Sept 1 – 4

Following the success of The Dream Dance Company’s premiere season with Genesis last year, audiences are eagerly awaiting the second instalment of Marko Panzic‘s follow-up season with The Secret Society.
The Secret Society is choreographed by guest Candace Brown and directed by Marko Panzic. Highly regarded commercial hip-hop dancer and choreographer Candace Brown has created a work that will introduce the audience to a new beat, ‘an underground world where the artists and dancers co-exist … where currency is the beat and communication is in your movement,’ according to the website blurb.
The Secret Society is set to explore a new beat of dance. It will tantalise the audience and transport them to a place where dancers and artists would exist if they could create their own world, an underground world where dance becomes communication. Candace Brown’s choreography is cutting edge, raw, emotive, energising and inspiring. The company is set to re-define commercial dance in the live theatre element. We invite you to enter the world that is our secret society.” (
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The Secret Society by The Dream Dance Company
Sydney – 7 Shows only
July 13th – 17th
Parade Theatre, NIDA
Bookings here

Perth – 5 Shows only
September 1st – 4th
Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre
Bookings here

ALSO …. performing at The Australian Dance Festival, September 18th, Sydney