The Rivoli Tour


Image by Heidrun Lohr

Dance Makers Collective

Rivoli Dance Palace in Parramatta

From the early 1930s to the late 1960s, the Rivoli Dance Palace in Parramatta was Western Sydney’s favourite dance hall. Demolished in 1973 to make way for an office development, now nothing remains of ‘The Riv’ except the stories of the people who danced there.

Featuring some of Australia’s best dancers and a stellar live band, Dance Makers Collective’s The Rivoli is an immersive dance hall meets dance theatre performance. Throughout this work, you’ll hear the voices of people who danced at The Rivoli, as well as the voices of those who dance now, in the regions.

A hit at Sydney Festival 2020, this joyous production invites you and your favourite dance partner to be swept into a mesmerising exploration of mid-century nightlife, desire and social connection.

Miranda Wheen

Jana Castillo
Mitchell Christie
Eliza Cooper
Emma Harrison
Taiga Kita-Leong
Katina Olsen
Carl Sciberras
Ella Watson-Heath

Lighting Designer
Benjamin Brockman

Production Manager
Samuel Read

Matt Cornell

The Rivoli

Ulladulla – Ulladulla Civic Centre, NSW

Land of the Dharawal (Tharawal) People

From 23 & 24 March

Book here: Rivoli

Valley Hall – Kangaroo Valley Hall

Land of the Wodi-Wodi People

From 26 & 27 March

Book here: Rivoli

Dubbo – Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre

Land of the Tubba-Gah & Wiradjuri People

From 1 & 2 April

Book here: Rivoli

Bathurst – Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre

Land of the Wiradjuri People

From 6 & 7 April

Book here: Rivoli

Oberon – Malachi Gilmore Hall

Land of the Wiradjuri People

From 9 & 10 April

Book here: Rivoli


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