THE RESULTS - SHORT SWEET + DANCEShort Sweet + Dance is over for another year. A huge congratulations goes to all the choreographers and performers who participated in this year’s festival. DanceLife saw a few performances and was blown away by not only the talent but the diversity of concepts. The festival allows choreographers from any style of dance to be engaged and have their work shown. SS+D keeps growing each year due to the hard work and dedication of the team that works on this project. A big pat on the back goes to Festival Director Olivia Ansell and Coordinator Heath Badlwin who have successfully put on another great season. Now onto the awards…
Most Outstanding Choreography Week 1
Miranda Wheen How to understand how big a blue whale is
Most Outstanding Choreography Week 2
Ash Bee Blonde Ambition
Most Outstanding Choreography Week 3
Miranda Zeller Al(one)
Festival People’s Choice
Travers Ross Cross
Best New Talent
Kevin Privett Saving Face
Most Outstanding Female Dancer
Verity Jacobsen Saving Face and Wait
Special Mention
Grace Stewart Cross and Ordinary People
Most Outstanding Male Dancer
Díarcy Andrews Al(one)
Special Mention
Robbie Kmetoni Ordinary People
Wildcard People’s Choice
Chelsea Funnell Poppy Seed