I finally got the chance to see THE NEXT STEP perform again over the weekend and what a treat it was. These guys have been putting in the hard yards for a few years now and their persistence and originality are certainly getting them results. As it states clearly on their website: ALWAYS INNOVATING! NEVER IMITATING!
Each time I see them I like them even better then before, and having not seen the “full length version ” of their show I was keen to see if they could hold my attention for a full hour – and hold it they did – in style!
With Jason and Kris Lewis at the helm, as creators and choreographers of this show they have created something quite unique and given a strong voice to their new and upcoming talent…though in truth, despite their ages they have been around for a while now ha ha ha!
Jason’s chore is simply so fresh and innovative in its style and energy – and it is wonderful to see a young choreographer breaking away from the already established styles and genres in the commercial scene to put his own flavour and stamp on what he does. I think he shall soon join the ranks of other well known Aussie choreographers whose work is so easily recognizable for its particular nuances! This is no mean feat and he really deserves a resounding applause for this in itself. But to also compliment his own contribution with other styles like tap, rap and hip hop is a real testament to his vision!
If you think I am biased – you would be right! I am indeed their biggest fan and I feel sure we shall see them enjoy even further successes in the coming years and it will be well deserved!
Jason and Kris Lewis have captured the spirit of today’s youth and today’s audience with The Next Step and the performance is slick and entertaining from beginning to end! Funky, modern and engaging whilst keeping a refined and dignified edge ( this is a show for all the family for sure) – complete with swooning women and screaming teenagers! If the crowd reaction is anything to go by, then they have a hit on their hands!
The tapping sections were great with a good variety of tempos and feel and a funky/debonair elegance that sets them apart from other well known tapping personalities/genres that have been previously so popular. Again this is a huge testament to the boys( Kris in particular as the tapping sections are his domain) – to come up with and stamp their own unique flavour on the tapping component of the show. And it has to be said that Matt Papa is a great asset to this mix! His look, style and fantastic skill as a tapping technician were the perfect offset to Kris and they made a great team! Tapping up a storm with great style, personalities and a mean boot are always a winning combination!
But this show is not only about dance. The singing and rap is sensational and Adam Katz simply bounces around the stage with so much energy and enthusiasm that it is hard not to be drawn into the show! He has a very special appeal and brings an urban edge to the proceedings. Great vocals and some funky tracks keep this performance swinging along throughout the night and the more mellow moments provide a nice contrast that was handled really well! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of their original material hitting our airwaves and climbing up the charts in the not too distant future! They seem to have a gift for creating “catchy”, “stick in your head” tunes.
Every angle is covered and the hip hop guys were another great element adding short bursts of tricks and acrobatics to delight the crowd. Again, a great addition to the show as people are always intrigued by performers with such strength and agility who can flip and contort themselves all over the place with apparent ease and little regard for their own safety! Another intriguing element to this mix!
Having live musicians on stage was another added bonus to the show and it was clear from the outset that these boys are working with the best in every element!
The set was clever in that it allowed them to capitalize on the space they had available to them and give the performance a more three dimensional and textured look!
So – did I love it – YES!
This in one of the most unique and entertaining shows to come out of Australia in years!
So if you haven’t seen them already, I encourage you to get out there and support some great home grown Aussie Talent – not just because they are Australian – but because they are good!
It is great to see Dein Perry supporting these guys by way of direction and no doubt his input has been instrumental in the further refinement of the show.
So from me – a huge thumbs up for THE NEXT STEP!
See them when you can as you never know – they may very well soon be THE NEXT BIG THNG and you won’t be able to get a ticket!
Christine Denny TAPATAK OZ –