THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE IN A PRECARIOUS POSITIONContemporary dance works by Martin del Amo and Vicki Van Hout and a film by Eva Fernandez Adan/Rachael Brown.
In response to the need for rehearsal venues and regular opportunities to create and perform, this unique collective of professional Sydney-based dancers came together in 2005 to form DirtyFeet. The company continues today as a Not for Profit organisation driven by two of the founding members, Anthea Doropoulos and Sarah Fiddaman.
DirtyFeet represents a new form of Dance Company: Designed by dancers, about dancers, for dancers. Sydney’s independent dance scene is getting its feet dirty! DirtyFeet’s sold-out debut season in 2008, Under the Weather, was nominated for Australian Dance Awards in three categories. Following the success of the season, DirtyFeet now presents Tipping Point. The show will feature new short works by acclaimed choreographers Vicki Van Hout and Martin del Amo and a film by Eva Fernandez Adan/Rachael Brown.
Vicki Van Hout, known for her signature fusion of indigenous dance and contemporary techniques, returns to DirtyFeet with Pack, a piece exploring the dynamics surrounding animal packs and the comparisons we can draw in our own lives.
Independent dance artist Martin del Amo is probably best known for his full-length solos integrating idiosyncratic movement with intimate storytelling. In his first work for DirtyFeet, The Reset Quintet, he has created an intriguing dance piece for 5 performers that looks at what happens when we start a fresh, wipe the slate clean so to speak. Or do we only think we do? Won’t there always be traces of
what has gone before?
Founding DirtyFeet member, Eva Fernandez Adan and video artist Rachael Brown have collaborated to create the latest chapter of Pieces of Mind (featured at “Short Sweet and Dance” and “Under the Weather”) for film. A powerful work that features Adan’s passion for high energy dynamic dance combined with Brown’s intricate understanding of movement on screen, Pieces of Mind creates a physical language for a personal journey that will resonate and remain with every audience member.
Tipping Point is an exciting foray into the world of contemporary dance, enabling the realisation of new Australian dance works and showcasing the talents of Australia’s independent dance artists.
Tipping Point
August 21st, 22nd at 8pm
Cleveland St Theatre, 199 Cleveland St (ACTT Theatre)
Tickets $20 adult/ $15 concession/ $10 “DirtyFeeters”
Bookings: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Tickets also available at the door)