The Foxy Tiana Brown

The Foxy Tiana BrownAmbitious and bright Tiana Brown is quickly rising through the ranks and establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s leading talents.
As a dancer, she has worked with the top pop artists of our generation. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Tiana trained at Dance of Iowa Academy and at Broadway Dance Center in New York. She has done two world tours with Christina Aguilera, and worked with Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Fergie, Toni Braxton, Christina Milian and Snoop Dogg. This beauty performed in the Olympics Closing Ceremonies in Utah and danced the stages on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America and several award shows.
DanceLife caught up with Tiana while she was working on “High School Musical: Get In The Picture”. In this interview Tiana talks about her career so far and what’s ahead for the foxy and super talented Tiana Brown.
1. As a triple threat performer you are always in demand. Let’s start at the beginning. What was your first paid gig as a dancer and had you always wanted to be a dancer?
I’ve been dancing since I was in my mom’s womb. She was going to Prince concerts, so that was the beginning. I’ve always made a way to dance: dance studios, dance teams, teaching dance. After high school I was an instructor for UDA (Universal Dance Association), I used to dance on the Disney Cruise Line. My first big job, professional, well paying job was Britney Spears “I’m A Slave 4 U” VMA’S and music video. I was scouted in New York City by Bloc Dance Agency and when I was in Los Angeles performing for Carnival, they sent me on an audition and that’s what I booked! It was pretty cool to start off my career with Britney.
2. You finished up Christina Aguilera’s world tour in Australia last year. I have to say that this was my of my favourite concerts of 2007. What was your best experience you had working on the tour?
Well, thank you, we worked really hard. There were so many different elements to the show, as you know, but I have a few favorites. I dreaded Dirrty and Welcome to the Circus, but in the end they became my favorite. I’ve never danced with a poll or on a swing (trapeze) before this, so it was all new to me. A lot of bruises, new muscle was being formed and extensive training. Performing those numbers every night always pushed me to be the best I could be. I loved Still Dirrty as well. So much interaction and fun, sassy dance moves that let me really explore my freestyle.
3. You can be seen in a number of films including American Dreams, Fat Albert and in 2009 you will be standing alongside Zac Efron in Seventeen Again. Tell us about your role in this film and how it was working with the ultimate 14 year old girls crush, Zac Efron.
Hahaha. Well, working with Zac was awesome. He’s a very chill guy, he gets the job done and he enjoys what he does. I did a dance number with him, choreographed by Jamal Sims. It’s a moment where we are back in time (1983-ish) and he’s the cool guy that dances with the dance team. We take it back too…we do the running man, the roger rabbit, the cabbage patch. You name it, we did it.
4. Along with Christina you have worked with Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Fergie, Toni Braxton, Christina Milian and Snoop Dogg. What would you say are your key success factors when you book jobs for these international artists?
I maintain a professional attitude the entire time. On- stage and off-stage. I pick up choreography very fast, I execute what the artists and choreographer ask of me and I perform with my heart. No matter the size of the crowd, I will always put on a show like it’s the last time I have to dance. Plus, I get along with everyone. It’s easy to get cancelled out of a job if you don’t get along with people. If you are a pleasure to work with, artists and choreographers will ask you back.
5. On your website > you have a page titled ‘Tiana’s Tips’. You have also created a workshop for High School Dance Teams “Get Down with Tiana Brown” where you inspire kids to reach their goals and dreams. As a young dancer growing up how important was it for you to have mentors and teachers who could steer you in the right direction and give you advice?
I find it very important. I received a lot technical support and encouragement to keep dancing, but I have to be honest, I also received a lot of resistance from my fellow dancers and teachers to pursue a life of dance. You can’t blame them though. I’m from a small city in Iowa where there was a common direction to followed. I wanted to do hip hop, I wanted to go to New York City, I wanted to dance in music videos and I wanted to dance for pop artist. That’s not a common dream of people that I grew up with. Making this decision was only supported by my mother. That’s why I find it very important to inspire young adults to reach for their goals and passions because they may not make sense, but if you have them, what do you have to loose to reach for them? The one thing I have always taken with me was from my dance teacher. She said, “how can I see if you’re trying, if you don’t fall?” I think that speak volumes to anything and everything…she meant a triple pirouette! hahaha
6. On 20 July High School Musical: Get In The Picture debuted on the ABC. Tell us about your role on the show.
I am talent scout/faculty member of this show. I went to cities of America scouting talent for this show. While 5 other scouts were looking at the places I didn’t see. From all the scouting and open calls, we casted 12 students to come to Utah and go through a major “boot camp” experience. They were vying for the main prize of a featured music video at the end of the HSM 3 and an ABC holding contract. Basically, I trained these students in dancing. We had master classes, an on location performance of some sort and a stage performance with their fellow students. In order to prepare for their performances, I would stage a certain song, while the other faculty member would work on their vocals, or the motivation of the performance. It became a group effort, but it wasn’t easy because after we worked with them, it was our decision to send one or two students to the chorus each week. The beauty of our show, is that no one gets eliminated. They just move to the chorus. The chorus are then background vocals in the performances for the remaining students who are still in the competition. There’s a lot going on, but I was always working with the students, it was a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun!
7. You are currently producing and presenting your own internet television concept with Julianne Waters called “The Get In Or Get Out Show.” What is the show about and how did you come up with the concept?
Yes, I am. Julianne Waters is my best friend and business partner. We have created a website that’s a video blog that features all the hip and current places of Los Angeles. Shopping, Dining, Nightlife Entertainment and Museums. We try to include the boys too because it could easily just be for the girls. We wanted to do something like this for people who come to visit Los Angeles or for those who live here and don’t get out of their comfort zone. The title is very slang. Basically, get in to what we are saying or don’t.
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I see myself hosting my own motivational show. I would call it “Find Your Light.” I wouldn’t call myself the next Oprah, but I definitely see a world of encouragement to women of all ages. I’m for sure going to hit the big screen as well. I know I would play a great supporting role. I’m inspired by Zooey Deschanel and Judy Greer of “Misguided” and “27 Dresses”.
For more info on Tiana check out her website

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