The Eifman Ballet

Direct from Russia, one of the world’s finest contemporary ballet companies will present a visual feast of passion, entertainment and drama.

Capitol Theatre Sydney from 15 August

Regent Theatre, Melbourne from 29 August

Tickets On Sale – Monday 30 April

“Boris Eifman – An amazing magician of the theatre” – New York Post

Eifman Ballet, who tour the world constantly to packed houses and have critics around the world reaching for superlatives, will make its Australian debut in August with two of its most acclaimed productions – Anna Kareniana and Tchaikovsky – for a strictly limited season in both Sydney and Melbourne.
At the helm of the Eifman phenomena is Russian choreographer Boris Eifman, a master of psychologist balllet, a choreographer-philosopher concerned with the problems of the modern world.
Boris Eifman is considered the face of Russian ballet. The esteemed New York critic Anna Kisselgoff wrote of Eifman – “The ballet world in search of a major choreographer need search no more. He is Boris Eifman.”
Boris Eifman’s 50 strong company will thrill Australian audiences with his powerful and emotional interpretations of these classic pieces. His dancers are classically trained, world class, statuesque and powerful, the likes of which have never been seen before in this country. Eifman’s repertoire has helped create a special type of artist, combining dance, acting, brilliant technique, and a gift fir transformation.
Eifman Ballet followers are extremely wide ranging, not only dance devotees but those keen to explore Eifman’s fascination with exploring secrets of life. The exquisite complexity of Eifman Ballet, and the power, energy and excitement of its dancers, will touch even the most seasoned ballet lovers.

“With Eifman, you are simply carried away on a tsunami of pure movement” – Chicago Sun Times

Clive Barnes in the New York proclaimed that – “There is no doubt any longer that the choreographer Boris Eifman is amazing magician of the theatre … (the only question) is whether he is the last leading choreographer of the 20th century, or the first choreographer of the 21st century.
Anna Karenina, plunges audiences into the grand world of 19th century aristocratic Russia. We meet Anna, her dour husband, Karenin, and her lover, Vronsky. Swept on the tide of her passion for Vronsky, Anna is prepared to sacrifice everything: husband, son and social standing for her shallow and narcissistic lover. Anna Karenina is a ballet in 2 acts with choreography by Boris Eifman and music by Tchaikovsky.
Tchaikovsky, set to music from some of his most revered works are scenes that are alternately poignant and disturbing: a flock of white swans appears promising serenity and happiness, but there is also an ominous and menacing flock of black birds before, finally, we see the Prince from Sleeping Beauty, the ideal of Tchaikovsky’s longing, and forever unattainable. Pyotr Tchaikovsky composed divine music but in the bakground there was a distressed, unhappy man plagued by inner torment.
Tchaikovsky is a ballet in two acts with choreography by Boris Eifman and music by Tchaikovsky:

“In this production, not only the soloists stand out. Eifman’s dancers as a group infuse the ballet with a high level of constant energy. For those who don’t know Tchaikovsky’s biography, the ballet is an excellent historical lesson. For those who do, Eifman’s ability to investigate the psychological underpinning of one of the 19th century’s greatest men … is also great art”

– Catherine Pawlick, Ballet-Dance Magazine

Born in Siberia in 1946, at an early age Eifman knew that he would be a choreographer. He graduated as a dancer from St Petersburg’s Vaganova Ballet Academy but continued his studies in choreography at the Leningrad Conservatory.

Even as a young man, his work attracted attention and in 1977, he formed his own company, Leningrad New Ballet (now Eifman Ballet). There, despite Soviet-era disapproval, he began developing his ground-breaking work.

His 50 dancers come with a strong classical training which Eifman then moulds to express his style which – while precise and highly disciplined – is also expressive and deeply emotional.

Australian audiences will have the chance to experience Russia’s most exciting contemporary ballet company when it makes its long-awaited Australian debut.

The tour to Australia by the Eifman Ballet is produced by Savcor Ballet.


Venue: Capitol Theatre, Haymarket

Dates: 15th – 26th August

Prices: $55 – $190

Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 723038


Venue: Regent Theatre, Melbourne

Dates: 29th Aug – 9th Sept

Prices: $55 – $190

Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 723038